• Please contact the ( before the event.  Let us know:
• When the money will be coming in.
• What the money is for.
• What, if anything, is required.
• How we can help.
  • Please keep the money in the school building.  Do NOT take money home to count.

  • Have two people count the money (except the coins if there are a lot of them).  We are here to help if you need another person.

  • Fill out a PTO Deposit Form.
• Supply separate totals for the checks, cash, and coins.
• Have both people sign the Money Collection Form with the correct totals.
  • Enclose money and form in a bag or an envelope labeled “PTO Treasury Deposit”. (Canvas bank bags are usually available in the office)

  • Have someone in the office lock up the money until it can be deposited.
*For a big event, please count all the money and follow above guidelines before locking it up.


1. Please fill out a PTO Money Reimbursement/Request Form.
• Describe clearly what the reimbursement or request is for.

2. Enclose form in an envelope labeled "PTO Reimbursement" and include copies of all receipts.

3. Turn form in at the office.  The treasurer will issue a check ASAP, please understand that this could take a couple of days. If you have any questions, please contact the treasurer (


1. Please fill out a PTO Money Request Form and turn in at the office.
• Describe clearly what the request is for.

2. The treasurer will process the request ASAP, please understand that this could take a
couple of days.  If you have any questions or to expedite things, please contact the
treasurer (

3. Please provide all receipts when available with note referencing original request to the
office in an envelope labeled “PTO Money Request Receipts".

The guidelines can also be downloaded as a single page PDF for reference.